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Ligabue Magazine n° 74
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The Heresy of Akhenaton and Nefertiti

Text by:
Franco Cimmino

Galerie Nefer


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No episode in ancient Egyptian history has fascinated scholars more than what was known as the "Amarna heresy".
Yet we are speaking of events which took place in extremely short period - little more than twenty years - and which, though arising out of an eminently religious phenomenon, had no lasting effects on the religion of the time; which had no influence either in the field of an art which, perhaps more than any before or since, exalted figurative naturalism in a way that was never to be equalled.
Clearly a phenomenon of only secondary importance in the three-thousand-year history of civilization in Ancient Egypt. Yet still today, the ascetic figures of Akhenaton and that of his Great Royal Bride, the beautiful Nefertiti, attract the curiosity of scholars, and fascinate the non-specialist general public who know little or nothing of their dream of universal love.

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