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Ligabue Magazine n° 76
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The Bird-man of Easter Island

Text by:
Viviano Domenici

Archivio Ligabue - Etta Lisa Basaldella


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Recent research has gone a long way towards unveiling the mistery of Easter Island, a tiny strip of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 3750 kilometres from the coast of South America, which is famous throughout the world for its colossal stone statues with their angular profiles. Analysis of pollen taken from deep-lying strata within the three largest volcano cones has in fact shown that the island was once covered by forests which at some point disappeared entirely as a result of determined clearance programme, a change which eventually, in about 900 A.D., gave rise to an irreversible ecological collapse, and there is still practically no tree growth on the island. The ecological crisis in its turn set in motion a social crisis which led to the destruction of the culture of the island.

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