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Ligabue Magazine n° 77
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A passionated nomad - Freya Stark

Text by:
Adriano Favaro

Freya Stark, Primo Saretta


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It was a rainy day in May, but the band of the Royal Cavalry sent by the British Queen Mother would have not flinched even if a hurricane had been raging. Fro the 5,000 people - including colonels, dukes and duchesses - Her Mayesty's most prestigious military corps struck up "Blues and Royals", and then went though the regimental marches, before ending on an Italian note with Verdi's Va Pensiero. This was homage og the British Commonwealth and the community of Asolo to Freya Stark, one of the most intrepid English writers and explorers, who ten years earlier had been made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth.

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