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Ligabue Magazine n° 76
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Ruwenzori, a Natural Paradise

Text by:
Augusto Cosulich

Augusto Cosulich


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The continents of the globe are moving imperceptibly continuing that drift apart which began some hundreds of millions years ago. The history of continental drift shows haw a single original continent of land above sea level (Pangea) broke up and the various land masses slid slowly away from their original positions moving on the deepest strata of the eart's cut, solid but at the same time plastic and therefore mutable. For confirmation of the scientists' theories we have only to open an atlas and observe how the lines of facing coasts fit together almost perfectly even though an ocean lies between them. But science and the atlas can also show us how the phenomenon of drift is still operating and how certain parts of continents have already revealed fractures which may in future widen and cause sections to break away from the mother-continent. There are two fractures of this kind in East Africa: they travel along a long North-South line, at first running parallel and at a certain point converging. These are the Eastern and Western Rift Valleys. All the great tectonic features of this kind, valleys produced by faulting in the Earth's surface, tend to be accompanied by lakes, usually extremely rich in nitre, and volcanic cones.

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