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Ligabue Magazine n° 77
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The Science and Magic of Amulets

Text by:
Guido Cafiero

Guido Cafiero - Mirko Lion


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It may safely be said that ever since Man and his adventure became history, no individual has remained untouched, from cradle to grave, by some form of superstition, influenced in some way by amulets, talismans, phylactery, lucky charms and so on. To speak of amulets today might seem pleonastic if it were not for the fact that it is at times of crisis in human and spiritual values that these "generators of faith" openly show their role as the last refuge of anxious minds in search of new dogmas. So, if we follow the progress of history, amulets too obey the dictates of "nemesis" and suffer brief periods of eclipse before returning to prominence with a rhythm which corresponds to the high and low points in the spiritual aspirations of man or to the pragmatism of his existential logic. But before we attempt an explanation of man's attitude towards these objects, it is as well to review the properties and natures of the better-known of them, since all the others, under various names and in various forms depending on their cultural background, all fall under one or other of the following four headings we use to classify them in the West.

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