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Ligabue Magazine n° 77
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A Collection of Curious Creatures

Text by:
Paolo Cesari

Archivio Bruce Coleman Ltd. - Archivio Ligabue


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The total number of living species and fossils which go to make up the world's fauna is very high and virtually incalculable, whilst the number and variety of forms of animal life present in a particular environment are directly linked to the quality and consistency of the flora present in the same biotope.
Flora and fauna are the essential elements of the so-called "food chain" in which plants are "producers", whose job it is to convert inorganic substances into organic substances, herbivorous animals are "primary consumers", and the carnivores which prey on them are "secondary consumers". Such a relation (or biological equilibrium) will remain unaltered as long as the elements of the chain are not subject to any change in conditions; if, for example the consistency of the vegetable element should diminish, then the chances of survival of the herbivores, and consequently the carnivores, would diminish accordingly. The chances of success of an animal in a particular environment are thus conditioned by events which can favour or slow down the growth of a population.
Amongst all the species which make up a fauna there are some which, through a long process of selection, have been able to modify themselves with respect to their original ancestral forms, becoming less resistant to sudden environment change, but wonderfully equipped to survive in a specific or unique environment.

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