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Ligabue Magazine n° 73
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The Tau't Bato: the Last of the Cave Dwellers

Text by:
Giancarlo Ligabue

Archivio National Geographic - Mino Damato - Carlos Fernandez - Giancarlo Ligabue - Sergio Manzoni - John Nance


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In 1979, a scientific expedition organized by the National Museum of Manila brought to the attention of the world the existence of a hitherto entirely unknown human group, the Tau't Bato, who live deep in the forests of the island of Palawan, their culture still at the prehistoric stage.
The archipelago of the Philippines, a natural bridge from the time of Ice Age between South-East Asia and Austral-asia and a corridor used extensively by paleo-Indonesian peoples and plio-Pleistocene fauna, has consistently been the object of particular attention for the Ligabue Study and Research Centre because no other part of the worldoffers so much and such varied material for a study of ancient cultures throught living models such as those supplied by the present-day primitive peoples of the area; from the hunter-gatherers of Palawan to the hunters of Ilongot, from the rice cultivators of Irugao to the nomadic fishermen of Sulu, like the Moros and the Badiao.

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