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Ligabue Magazine n° 77
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The Nautilus and its Lunar Calendar

Text by:
Giancarlo Ligabue

Archivio Ligabue - Interstudio - Photri - Bruno Berti


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A team of American experts led by Stephen Pompea of the University of Colorado, working with geologist from the University of Berlin, have come up with an immensely exciting discovery after studying the growth patterns of the shellfish "Nautilus pompilius" in connection with the dynamics of the relationship between the Earth and the Moon. The "Nautilus pompilius" (one of the three surviving species of the Nautilus genus) is the only one of the cephalopod molluscs to have a spiral-shaped shell containing several internal chambers.
If this species, which well-known to malacologists and collectors, is sawn in half, it expresses a mathematical concept: a perfect logarithmic spiral. Starting from a central point known as the "embryonal loggia", successive chambers grow in size until the end section, where the actual mollusc, with its 90 tentacles, lives.

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