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Ligabue Magazine n° 73
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Blue River, the Yangtze’s 6,378 kilometre course through China

Text by:
Graziella Allegri

Graziella Allegri


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Then there are stories, like those of the many children of the Shui families, the Mosu matriarchs, the Yi women with their kite-like hair and the Dong, excellent architects who never use a nail or bolt to build a house. To tell the story of the lives of these peoples and describe the cities, landmarks and art works that you come across on the banks of the Yangtze means more than exploring the metaphor of the river. It means plunging into the great long story of China. For four years I travelled on the river that the Chinese call Yangtze-kiang or Yangzi or Chang Jiang (The Long River), Kiang and Jiang (River), or Ta Kiang (Great River). In all kinds of vessels I sailed thousands of kilometres to explore the spirit of the river with so many Chinese names and which the Europeans used to call the “Blue River”, apparently because at dusk the river took on a blue hue in the eyes of the missionaries sailing down it.

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