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Ligabue Magazine n° 78
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Experimental Archaeology: Journeying into Prehistory

Text by:
Nicholas Toth,Kathy Schick

Alberto Angela - Giancarlo Ligabue - Kathy Schick - Nicholas Toth


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Imagine being dropped in the grasslands of tropical Africa without transport, clothes, or tools of any Kind. You must eke out a living by exploiting the local resources and making rudimentary implements to help you in these activities. Doubtful. Yet this is something that our earliest tool-making hominid (proto-human) ancestors did on a daily basis. Our understanding of what their lives were like in thie remote period of time is as yet imperfect, but the challenge to archaeologists of human origins is to increase this understanding and refine our view of how we survived and adapted in our remote prehistoric past.

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