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Ligabue Magazine n° 78
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Treasures on Nameless King

Text by:
Viktor Sarianidi

Leonid Bogdanov - Vladimir Terebenin


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In late 1977 the sensational news was broken to the world that, in northern Greece, Manolis Andronikos had discovered "Philip's Tomb", (the Philip in question being the father of Alexander the Great), replete with fantastic gold jewelry and funeral gifts. But little did anyone imagine that something similar would happen a year later in Bactriana, an historical town in northern Afghanistan. Any connection between these two distant countries separated by long and mountainos kilometres was unthinkable. Yet thanks to the boundless ambitions of Alexander this was actually the case. The proof came with a discovery made by an Afghan-Soviet expedition in 1978, despite the fact that is wasn't exactly the best year for carrying out archaeological research in that region. In April 1978 new leaders with different ideas had taken power and the internal political situation had become exceedingly complex.

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