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Ligabue Magazine n° 75
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The Marquesas, Islands Suspended in Time

Text by:
Viviano Domenici

Archivio C.S.R. Ligabue - Sergio Manzoni


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We are so used to looking at the world map from our point of view, that is, with Europe at the centre and the other continents round about, that when we happen to see the other hemisphere it comes as a shock. We only behold the great empty space of Pacific Ocean.
The continents are almost all on the other side of the globe, and on the Pacific side you only get a glimpse of the North American coast, a little of Siberia and Australia, all squint. Otherwise it's water, water everywhere.
Then, on closer examination, you begin to notice that floating on that immense sea are hundreds of tiny black dots. This is Polynesia. A scattered fragmented continent that seems to exist more in the mind's eye than as actual physical geography: Tahiti, Morea, Bora Bora, the Cook Islands, Tuamotu and the Marquesas Islands.

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