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Ligabue Magazine n° 74
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Steppe Art

Text by:
Giancarlo Ligabue

Archivio C.S.R. Ligabue - Grazia Neri - Ivana Grollova - Interstudio - Jiri Skupien - N. Tsültem


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A kaleidoscope of peoples thronging together, intermixed and scattered again for thousands of years in the wide open spaces of central and northern Asia. The nomads of the steppes were fragments of ancient human stock - forerunners of the Turks, Mongols, Indo-Iranians, divided up into Hsiung-nu, Kidan and Tungusi, Scythians, Ch'iang, Tung Hu, Kirghiz, Sarmatians and Cimmerians, Getians and Massagetae and other ethnic groups without a name or history.
The most famous of all are the Scythians. Spread out over a vast area whose koine seems to have no confines, they are symbols of nomadism, the very paradigm of a "barbarian" people.

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