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Ligabue Magazine n° 74
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Venetian Boats. A Heritage To Be Preserved

Text by:
Giovanni Caniato

Archivio Caniato - Archivio Suppiej - Bruno Berti


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Exactly five centuries ago the Venetian historian Marin Sanudo the Younger wrote: "there are two ways of getting about in Venice: on foot or by boat. The boats are very special. Gracefully shaped and tarred black, they are rowed by dark Moors or other household servants... They have a cabin for the passengers, which is tall in summer against the heat of the sun, and large and wide in winter as a protection from the rain".
Tis reference to Venetian boats comes in Sanudo's description of the sumptuous palaces erected by patricians and merchants along the Grand Canal or other minor canals: those veins penetrating the "body of the world", the substance of the "Most Serene Republic".
By Sanudo's day the Venetian Republic had reached the height of its power, and proudly paraded its splendour.

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