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Ligabue Magazine n° 77
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The land of Scorpio. A journey to the Phoenician cities of Algeria

Text by:
Lorenza-Ilia Manfredi

Lorenza-Ilia Manfredi, Centro Studi Ricerche Ligabue


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A mantle of incredibly bright stars lights up the nights full of aromas, noises and silences as varied as the land of Algeria is vast. This region is dominated by the sign of Scorpio, as was mentioned in the 2nd century AD by Ptolemy in his astrological treatise known as Tetrabiblios (Four Books). Gazing up at the sky, he attempted to establish correspondences between celestial events and aspects of earthly life and so lay the foundations for astrology with the same kind of scientific rigour as astronomy.

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Ligabue Magazine 54

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