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Ligabue Magazine n° 78
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Ligabue Magazine

Number 51
2nd Semester - 2007


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We have followed each other along various
paths around the world and often met up
again here in Venice. Almost as ifto take time off in
the city from those steps lost in the silence of
geographical spaces. The person in question is
Alberto Angela. Between us is a divide of over half
a century, spent exploring and pursuing interests in
search of the origins of man and life on Earth.
Together we often wandered aimlessly, where
borders became limes, driven by our restless nature
as researchers.
Alberto is an ideal travelling companion and we
have shared the quest far knowledge, often coming
across paths taking us into the unknown in at times
random unique explorations verging on
serenclipity. Aware of this different approach, we
have experienced moments in a kaleidoscoping of
time and space, generating legends, myths and
realities of scientific knowledge in the play of
chance and necessity.
These are our favourite topics and themes, typical
of invaluable publications like Ligabue Magazine.
The encounter with new experiences and the spirit
of a different generation, like that of Alberto, fuels
the desire for knowledge, pursued by exploring
the hidden corners of our prehistory. Our
ambitions forged in the work sites of exploration
have been invaluable sources of inspiration.
Stories become metropolitan legends as we
investigate what is left of the unknown world-
stories that come into being and are revealed by
pursuing the secrets of knowledge.
At times there have been close encounters with
evanescent peoples and tribes in the shade o f a
forest or in a scorching desert, where their fate
has already been decided.

Buon Voyage Alberto!

Three years ago Viviano Domenici, a well-known science correspondent, took over as editor of the Ligabue Magazine .
Unfortunately his commitments have prevented him from continuing as he would have liked to. In the meantime the magazine has become increasingly popular, thanks also to his work and the choice of subjects we have featured. They have ranged from the artistic geniuses of Leonardo da Vinci and Antonio Canova to archaeological discoveries from the Ancient Far East and in South America, reports on peoples threatened with extinction, the great geographical and space explorations, the life of animals and plants, and the latest developments in evolution. Viviano's place has been taken by a well-known name in the field of television science journalism - Alberto Angela. He too is a close friend whom I had the pleasure of accompanying in the early days of his career in missions promoted by the Study Centre: the search for the lost army of King Cambise in the Libyan desert back in 1982, a mission in search of traces of Homo habilis (from 2 million years ago) in 1986, excavations in Oman (1989), the study of the Hadza people in Tanzania (1990), an encounter with the last Papuans, and the celebrated discovery of armoured dinosaur remains in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia (1991). These are the stages in a long-standing collaboration which has now been renewed and strengthened as Alberto takes on the role of editor with great enthusiasm and professionalism.

Real all editroial... Giancarlo Ligabue
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