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To learn more... Da 30 anni questa ricca ed elegante pubblicazione, è l’insostituibile lettura di chi percorre le vie del mondo alla ricerca della conoscenza. La rivista del Gruppo Ligabue esprime lo spirito del Centro Studi e Ricerche Ligabue.... More Informations
The Venice Research District

On 12 March 2014 an association was created to formally bring together the twenty-two cultural institutions in the Venice Research District, a network founded at the prompting of the rector of Ca' Foscari University, Carlo Carraro, with the aim of promoting synergies between organisations working in the scientific and humanistic sectors. The association - the Ligabue Study and Research Centre is also a member - its the outcome of a process launched on World Science Day in 2011. Promoted by UNESCO and Ca' Foscari University, the "Sustainability Commitments Charter" was signed by leading Venetian organisations.

The main objectives concern the development of scientific research by sharing resources, knowledge and instruments in joint projects focused on sustainable development. The Venice Research District thus will promote and organise an international conference entitled "Food and Culture" at the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democration (EIUC). The LSRC and the Ligabue Catering Group will contribute by taking part in a work group on "Food Sustainability - On the Roads to Expo 2015", with a special emphasis on catering for communities operating in hostile environments.