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How does a number of Ligabue Magazine

Each edition of the Magazine is prepared and organised like a geographic and scientific expedition. Although we use the modern mediums of satellite mapping and electronic instruments, we also face the risks of climate, human physical fatigue and the uncertainties of the environment. Creating the Magazine is like travelling through unexplored areas – or rediscovering paths which are barely known or only recently discovered – with the certainty that curiosity and intellectual enthusiasm for publication are our only true compass.

Each reader who takes the journey with us among the articles and images knows that the desire to discover and understand is the most important aspect of all. The texts and photographs are the combined result of meeting other people, personal visits to the places, history, legends and the documents examined each time.
The recipe of a success which has lasted for thirty years needs real and virtual maps and scientific research, combined at times with a little “serendipity” which – as we all know – assists discoveries and revelations.

It has always been so for the academics and collaborators of the Ligabue Study Centre who have made research – throughout the deserts, mountains and forests of the world, in laboratories, museums and universities – and constant study the mutual hallmarks of their activities.

The Magazine is based on the suggestions which Alberto Angela brings back with every voyage he makes, on letters received from archaeologists in Peru, on the ideas of scientists living among the icebergs of the South Pole, on the advice offered by biologists who study the signs of evolution and changes and the historians who know how to bring archives and documents to life.

Another vital ingredient, however, is the contribution of readers to the editorial office, the ideas of the young academics and researchers at the Study Centre, and even the curiosity of comparing several historical research projects with new methods and instruments.
Each edition of the Magazine – as happened in the past for cartographers who had to learn about and discover the boundaries of the new world - is submitted by the editorial staff and graphic artists to a lengthy and continuous quality test before being printed or published on the Internet.

This is why – whether it is archaeological research at the ancient burial sites of the Asian steppes, evolution of the species, history, geographical discoveries, the travels of anthropologists and researchers, detailed studies of Venetian culture or the dizzying heights of astronomy - the Magazine is a unique travelling companion.

Editorial Director
Alberto Angela

Born in Paris in 1962, after graduating from high school in France, he studied Natural Sciences at Rome La Sapienza University and graduated cum laude and with an award for his thesis, which was then published. He took various specialisation courses at US universities (Harvard, Columbia University, UCLA), studying palaeontology and palaeoanthropology.

He performed excavations and field research for over 10 years, participating in international expeditions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (1983 and ‘84); in Tanzania (1986, ‘87 and ‘88); in the Sultanate of Oman in '89, in Ethiopia and in Mongolia in the Gobi desert, also searching for the remains of dinosaurs and primitive mammals (1991). In 1986, he participated in the expedition and excavations in the Olduvai Gorge, which led to the discovery of the fossilised remains of a hominid who lived 1.8 million years ago (OH62).

His academic studies were followed by professional activities as a science writer and presenter, for which he is most well-known, particularly as a television presenter (Passaggio a Nord Ovest, Superquark and Quark Speciale, Ulisse - Il piacere della scoperta among others).

He has made films and presented services from every continent, on archaeological and palaeontological sites, research centres, nature sanctuaries and also on endangered ethnic groups and cultures. He has written a number of popular science books with his father and also written for various daily newspapers and periodicals. He is a member of the Italian Human Palaeontology Institute, and the Ligabue Study and Research Centre in Venice. His activities as a popular science writer have led to him receiving prestigious national and international awards.

Editorial Staff

Editorial Director: Alberto Angela
Managing: Alessandro Marzo Magno
Managing editor: Lucia Berti
Advertising: Antonella Vianello
Graphics and Layout:Federico Dei Rossi UbisThree Srl
Editor: Fondazione Giancarlo Ligabue

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